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Ads, attention intelligence & premium inventory combined

Combining our innovative rich media formats with AIP’s measurement and optimisation capabilities makes for a potent combination. Revolutionise your digital display advertising with our combined activation offering.

Unique, High Impact formats

Built by our uniquely talented team of creative technologists and informed by years of attention-grabbing best practice, our library of High Impact Rich Media formats deliver maximum cut-through in the crowded attention economy.

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A private marketplace of premium publisher inventory

Serve your attention-grabbing, High Impact ads across the websites of the world's biggest media owners and ensure your message reaches the highest quality audiences.

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Measure and optimise performance with AIP

All of our formats are built to work seamlessly with the Attention Intelligence Platform suite; eye-catching creative coupled with game-changing attention technologies to maximise ad effectiveness.

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Two ways to use our solutions

Our game-changing attention products are available in two ways. Are you looking to run the most attention grabbing High Impact rich media formats across our private marketplace of premium inventory, or use our standalone attention insights to measure and optimise your other digital media?

Data Only

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Standalone attention measurement and optimisation across display ads
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Measure Attention Time across standard IAB display
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Measure Attention Time across YouTube ads
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Integrated into the programmatic ecosystem - simple setup via your DSP
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Access to AIP Visual Reporting Dashboard
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Attention measurement and optimisation via AIP
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Advanced attention-powered dynamic creative and optimisation tools
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High Impact Rich Media creative formats built to maximise Attention Time
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Run across our private marketplace of premium ad inventory
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Full managed campaign from design through to management and reporting
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