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Brand Safety Policy

How a fusion of attention technologies and contextual targeting holds the potential to revolutionise advertising

Brand safety policy

Playground xyz is committed to ensuring brand campaign activity appears in the agreed environments when running on the Playground Private Exchange (PPX).

For all activity that runs on the PPX, we provide a whitelist of all sites where the campaign will run. Only what has been agreed at point of campaign sale will form the campaign targeting whitelist. We encourage buyers to apply the domain whitelist on the buy side as well for added surety.

We apply negative brand safety keyword segments (powered by Grapeshot) across all activity where possible. For PMPs, where it is not possible to be applied on the sell side, we advise to apply on the buy side.

Playground xyz manually and thoroughly vet all sites that come into the PPX to ensure they meet our high content standards. This includes ensuring sites comply with anti-piracy standards and do not encourage or support the infringement of copyrighted material in any form.

Playground xyz manually vet all creatives to ensure the advertiser and content aligns with our standards. In addition, our SSP Xandr is also required to audit all PMP creatives.

Playground xyz reserves the right to reject or suspend any advertisers, creatives or suppliers that do not meet our standards.

Playground xyz explicitly prohibits advertising that relates to restricted categories, including but not limited to adult content, tobacco, vaping and e-cigarettes, firearms and weapons, illegal drugs. We prohibit content that contains excessive violence or profanities and content that promotes or encourages harassment, bullying, threats or advocates against any group, organisation or individual. We prohibit content that is discriminatory, deceptive or fraudulent.

Playground xyz adheres to anti-piracy standards and prohibits suppliers that encourage or support the infringement of copyrighted material in any form.

Take down policy

In the event an ad is required to be taken down due to ad misplacement, we commit to doing so within 24 hours within local business hours.

Please email and include the necessary details to identify the ad.