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Attention Intelligence Platform

Measure and maximise attention on your ads using our comprehensive suite of award-winning, attention-based tools for advertisers. Get ahead in the attention economy with AIP.

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Attention measurement across your digital campaigns

Attention Time

The Attention Intelligence Platform and the products it powers are all built around the measurement of a revolutionary metric: Attention Time, the length in time, in seconds, that your ad is actually looked at.

Unprecedented insights

Compared to proxy metrics like Viewability, Attention Time is highly predictive of brand and performance outcomes giving advertisers unprecedented insight into their ad spend.

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Attention measurement, now across YouTube, Meta and TikTok

Revolutionise insight into your Walled Garden advertising with seamless, real-time measurement of consumer attention on across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Activate on attention with optimisation

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Squeeze every second of attention out

Real time programmatic optimisation via pre-bid segments or API drives attention higher to make every dollar work harder. Squeeze every second of attention out of your campaigns or build attention-infused marketplaces for multiple clients at once. Available through DV360 & Xandr with more DSPs and SSPs on the way.

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The technology behind AIP

A combination of real eye-tracking data and advanced AI models allows AIP to measure Attention Time on ad impressions at scale, without the need for cookies or other identifiers. It's the solution for brands looking to succeed in the attention economy.

Real, human gaze data

Real eye-tracking data from ongoing global, opt-in panels provides incredibly detailed insight into the way consumers view advertisements, with over 40 different signals being assessed.

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AI trained to measure attention

Eye-tracking data from the opt-in panels is used to train, and regularly verify the accuracy of advanced AI models, capable of accurately measuring Attention Time across live impressions without the need for cameras. 

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Measure, predict and optimise towards attention at scale

Trained AI models scale attention measurement far beyond panels, across every single impression of live campaigns, and enables real-time optimisation of campaigns to secure maximum attention.

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Quick, simple activation

AIP integrates seamlessly into your programmatic workflow, requiring minimal setup and delivering data exactly the way you need it.

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An illustration of a digital brain
An illustration of a digital brain
An illustration of a digital brain

Clear, intuitive reporting

Your data, presented beautifully

AIP’s visual reporting dashboard is built to make analysing your campaigns as easy as possible.

Quick, clear insights

Get quick, clear insight on a variety of campaign factors, from targeting and ad type to contextual category and domain performance.

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