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Making attention actionable for brand advertisers

Revolutionise the effectiveness of your advertising with attention measurement and optimisation solutions powered by the Attention Intelligence Platform.

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Measure actual consumer attention on your YouTube advertising

Maximise the effectiveness of your YouTube video advertising with seamless, granular, real-time attention measurement of your YouTube campaigns.

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Attention Time:
A revolutionary ad metric

Attention Time is a powerful metric helping advertisers better understand the effectiveness of their ads. Measurable across every impression, it's an unbeatable signal of ad relevance.

Playground xyz epitomises what makes a great Marketing Technology company. Their products are genuinely innovative and have directly led to stellar results for our clients’ campaigns. Their growth into a fully-fledged technology provider has been exceptionally impressive.

Head of Digital

Dentsu Australia

We are always looking for dynamic and innovative ways within the programmatic space to deliver outstanding work for our clients. Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) successfully showcases what can happen when creative and technology works together.

Programmatic Director

Digitas UK

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Two ways to use our solutions

Our game-changing attention products are available in two ways. Are you looking to run the most attention grabbing High Impact rich media formats across our private marketplace of premium inventory, or use our standalone attention insights to measure and optimise your other digital media?

Data Only

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Standalone attention measurement and optimisation across display ads
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Measure Attention Time across standard IAB display
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Measure Attention Time across YouTube ads
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Integrated into the programmatic ecosystem - simple setup via your DSP
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Access to AIP Visual Reporting Dashboard
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Attention measurement and optimisation via AIP
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Advanced attention-powered dynamic creative and optimisation tools
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High Impact Rich Media creative formats built to maximise Attention Time
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Run across our private marketplace of premium ad inventory
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Full managed campaign from design through to management and reporting
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