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Domino's Case Study: A powerful fusion of context and attention


Until only recently, attention-based and contextual-based advertising solutions had been thought of as entirely independent approaches. Having proven that a fundamental, powerful relationship exists between the two in research, Playground xyz, along with GumGum, looked to leverage that relationship for Domino's in a world-first fusion of technologies.

The Brief

In an increasingly crowded and competitive landscape, Domino’s needed to ensure maximum cut-through for their ‘50% Off’ Value campaign. They knew context would play a key role but were curious to see whether attention signals could more effectively optimise their approach, ensure optimal consumer awareness and, ultimately, help them sell more pizzas!

The Solution

Being respective leaders in context and attention, GumGum and Playground xyz teamed-up to develop a global-first, game-changing solution for Domino’s based upon a fusion of their class-leading technologies:

The world's first ad stack built to measure and optimise Attention Time - how long in seconds your ad is looked at. AIP powers a suite of groundbreaking products used by advertisers who want to succeed in the increasingly crowded attention economy.

The world's leading contextual intelligence technology, Verity™ scans text, image, audio and video to derive human-like understandings, allowing advertisers to truly define and implement brand safety and suitability across their ad campaigns.

Using Dominos’ target audience indicators as a starting points, GumGum’s VerityTM technology identified the most likely contexts to reach the right consumers, in the most relevant, brand-safe contexts.

Playground’s Attention Intelligence Platform then measured the Attention Time being secured across every impression served, building a set of actionable insights into the best-performing contextual categories.

All elements of the Domino’s campaign were then optimised, pushing delivery towards the contexts where attention was highest, and away from the contexts where attention was under-indexing against the mean average.

Running this innovative approach across three engaging creative formats - two desktop and one mobile - the campaign looked to optimise delivery of each creative element to the contexts where it was securing the highest levels of consumer attention.

graphic showing 142% ROAS on the gumgum desktop skin unit
graphic showing 398% ROAS on the gumgum in-screen expandable unit
graphic showing 135% ROAS on the playground xyz hangtime unit

The Results

AIP was able to identify the contextual categories securing the highest levels of Attention Time for the Domino’s ad, quickly highlighting clear, actionable trends where certain categories were over or under-indexing against the mean average. Among the top-performing categories were Business, News and Education, with Shopping and Style & Fashion among those under-performing. Interestingly, and likely in contrast to what pizza and other fast-food retailers may have traditionally thought, Health & Fitness over-indexed for attention - an optimisation opportunity that may have been missed with a more standard contextual targeting approach.

Stepping down a further tier into ‘Level 2’ sub-categories, we start to see a more nuanced picture of where opportunities for effective optimisations lay. As with the main categories, certain Business and News themed sub-categories performed well, however we can also see that ‘Shopping/Household Supplies’ over-indexed for Attention Time, whereas the wider ‘Shopping’ category under-performed. This highlights attention signals’ ability to validate contextual performance down to a fine level, thus avoiding missed opportunities for efficient campaign optimisation.

By implementing this revolutionary approach, we were able to secure incredible results across the board, not only in campaign metrics and KPIs but overall outcomes for Domino’s.

Huge uplifts in overall attention were achieved for each of the creative units, with the mobile HangTime unit in particular securing over 89 days of additional attention from optimisation (above a non-optimised, standard IAB control unti).

When comparing PoP data of the 7 days before and after optimisations were made, clear uplifts in major KPIs were easily distinguishable, with up to a 40% uplift in CTR being achieved across the creatives.

But perhaps the most impressive results secured by this innovative fusion of contextual and attention technologies were the returns; Domino’s secured phenomenal ROAS across each media element, with the In-Screen Expandable unit achieving almost 400% return.

  • Hangtime 135% ROAS
  • Desktop Skin 142% ROAS
  • In-Screen Expandable 398% ROAS
From case studies like these, we believe that a fusion of attention and contextual technologies represents the future of digital advertising.

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