Agencies and brands get ready for “Age of Attention”; partner with Playground xyz

Playground xyz
October 26, 2021

Holding companies and agencies including GroupM and the7stars partner with Playground xyz

In an increasingly complex landscape where advertisers fight for precious share of consumer attention, innovative agencies and brands have started to look beyond viewability measures and into true attention metrics in order to drive better ad effectiveness.

By measuring and optimising to Attention Time (the length of time in seconds the ad was actually looked at) clients are receiving big gains on their campaigns with research showing the new metric being 7.5x more effective than viewability at driving awareness as well as reducing bounce rates, improving on-site conversions and more.

Playground xyz, whose Attention Intelligence Platform uses eye-tracking panels and AI to measure and optimise Attention Time on ads says that they have experienced explosive growth in the demand for its products in recent months, with numerous agencies signing up to employ their technologies, including Group M and the7Stars.

The agencies are using the technology to both measure and programmatically optimise their clients’ campaigns, as well as build attention-fuelled planning and inventory quality products.

David Counsell, Head of Trading at the7Stars, says, “Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform is one of the few developments in the digital landscape that truly got us excited when we first saw the benefits for our clients, enabling us to go beyond viewability’s limitations in optimising for attention.

We’re proud to be amongst the first agencies using it and hope to see continued advantages for our clients’ campaigns, as well as improvements for publishers in the performance of their digital delivery when powered by AIP’s data.”

It’s also clear that both brands and agencies are coming to recognise the industry’s general shift towards attention-based approaches.

Sam Lincoln, Digital Director at Mediacom, says, “we know we’re entering into a new paradigm where there is more information, content and advertising being produced than there is time for today’s distracted consumer to view it.

This creates an “attention deficit” whereby our clients are fighting alongside other brands for precious seconds of consumer attention.

That’s why partners like Playground xyz are so exciting to work with. They understand the battle we’re in and have built a market-leading, innovative and integrated tech solution to address it.

Being able to measure and optimise on attention time is a game-changer and we and our clients are very excited about this new capability”

The building momentum signals agencies are getting prepared for the ‘age of attention’ – the turning point when clients use attention metrics instead of viewability and clicks to measure ad effectiveness. This in turn will drive a seismic shift in how media is valued, bought and sold.

Says Rob Hall, CEO of Playground xyz, “attention metrics are being proven time and again as the most powerful predictor of brand outcomes. Up until recently, these measures were tied to panels but with advances in AI we’re now able to measure and optimise Attention Time at scale on campaigns. This allows us to move beyond an academic discussion and into actual campaign activation around attention. All the conditions are ripe for massive disruption and it’s exciting to see leading agencies and brands already on this journey”.