Amobee partners with Playground xyz for Attention Time metric

Playground xyz
November 16, 2021

Amobee, a global leader in advertising technology that unifies TV, digital and social to deliver results that drive customer growth, is pleased to announce a partnership with attention-based advertising experts Playground xyz to deliver next-generation customer-focused insights and measurement.

Playground xyz partners with Amobee

The partnership between Amobee and Playground xyz unlocks a powerful new metric, Attention Time, to allow advertisers to optimise creatives, formats, placements and publishers in real-time to boost performance and campaign outcomes.

Playground xyz pioneered the world’s first tech stack to measure and optimise towards Attention Time – simply how long, in seconds, and ad is actually looked at – using an AI trained and verified by real eye-tracking data. Coupled with Amobee’s proprietary analytics suite, advertisers can now get a full picture of campaign performance, stitching standard industry metrics like impressions and viewability with level of attention.

While attention is not an entirely new concept, it has become a highly-valued metric in an increasingly ad-saturated world.

“The industry has created proxies for tracking attention in the form of CTRs, engagement and brand lift studies, but these only measure past actions and don’t give marketers the ability to optimise in real-time,” says Josif Zanich, Managing Director at Amobee ANZ.

“With Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform, we’re able to tap into attention signals that allow advertisers to glean deeper insights, further optimise their ad campaigns and go beyond viewability,” he adds.

“Attention represents the next seismic shift in digital advertising, and this partnership really highlights how attention-based technologies have evolved from research tools into essential, real-time solutions that advertisers can start benefitting from right now,” says Rob Hall, CEO of Playground xyz.

“We’re excited to be working with Amobee and look forward to helping their clients succeed in this new age of attention.”

Recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech and the Forrester New Wave™: Cross-Channel Video Advertising Platforms report, Amobee provides clients with solutions that drive results in any format, across any screen, to optimise reach across desired audiences and deliver desired business outcomes that is focused on the customer experience. Amobee unifies TV and digital to provide advertisers with advanced data management and media planning capabilities as well as actionable, real-time market research and proprietary audience data. Amobee also empowers media companies with sophisticated audience-based planning technology that helps them efficiently meet marketers’ goals while managing the business challenges and technical complexities of the converging world.