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Attention Time: more than just a metric

Playground xyz
August 6, 2021

Attention Time is the exciting new metric helping the world’s biggest advertisers measure the true effectiveness of their digital advertising activity. But here are a few reasons why it’s so much more…

Attention Time (uh-ten-shuhn tahym)


  1. The length of time, in seconds, an advertisement was actually looked at.

We’re incredibly proud of Attention Time, here at Playground xyz. It’s the next-generation, quality-based metric we pioneered to bridge the gap left by existing advertising metrics, and it’s changing the way the world’s biggest brands measure and optimise their digital activity.

Whereas Viewability measures whether 50% of an ad’s pixels displayed on a page – the opportunity to be seen – Attention Time isn’t just a hygiene check.

And, because it’s measurable across every single digital impression an advertiser serves, it provides an accurate view of consumer consideration at a scale CTR simply can’t. If less than 1% of people who see the ad click the CTA, that relatively tiny dataset struggles to indicate the true success of a campaign.

But it’s more than just a metric. Because Attention Time accurately captures the consumer’s interest in an ad, it works as a catalyst to a hugely powerful feedback loop on ad relevance and resonance.

As we measure and apply Attention Time to our clients’ campaigns, we’re continuing to learn more about how attention can impact other metrics and performance indicators. It’s becoming clear that Attention Time is the most effective metric we can optimise our digital marketing towards – in our latest whitepaper for instance, compared to viewability, we found it to be 7.5x more important in driving awareness and 5.9x more important in driving recall. And, in other studies we’ve found it has a strong positive correlation with everything from Engagement Rate, Click Through Rate and on-site Conversion Rates.

In short, Attention Time is more than just another metric to add to your campaign reports; it’s a powerful indicator of the true effectiveness of brand advertising.

To help advertisers on this journey, we’ve seamlessly integrated this metric into the programmatic ecosystem via our Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP).

AIP is the world’s first ad stack built to maximise Attention Time on ads. It uses an AI (trained and verified by real eye tracking panel data) to create a suite of groundbreaking products that unlock the power of attention measurement and real-time media and creative optimisation.

It’s the solution for brands that want to succeed in the attention economy, stand out from the pack, and secure the best possible results from their ad spend.