Playground xyz wins Best Use of Data at The Wires 2021, with Suzuki and the7stars

Playground xyz
November 10, 2021

Playground xyz have been awarded Best Use of Data at The Wires 2021, presented by ExchangeWire.

Awarded to the most effective and innovative use of data in driving oustanding digital advertising performance, we took home the award for our work on Suzuki’s Swift & Vitara “Helping You Drive Happy” campaign, delivered alongside our partners at the7stars.

Powered by our game-changing Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP), the campaign exploited the power of a powerful new metric called Attention Time (how long your ad is actually looked at) and measured the levels of attention achieved by two different creatives for the two models, Swift and Vitara.

The Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) used Natural Language Processing (NLP) to categorise each article by context. The difference in performance between the two creatives in certain contexts highlighted the attractiveness of each model to different audiences, providing valuable opportunities for optimisation.

In real time, AIP programmatically optimised the campaign to the contexts and pages that were resonating best for each creative. By doing so, it was able to massively increase Attention Time on the ads, in turn driving CTR and Conversion Rate 33% and 30% higher, respectively.

Optimising to Attention Time delivered uplift across all key metrics, as well as valuable insight into the attenion habits of Suzuki’s audiences.

Suzuki leverages the power of attention with AIP
Suzuki wanted to optimise delivery of two creatives to the best-performing contexts
AIP identified the top-performing contexts
The results were stellar
The Attention Intelligence Platform from Playground xyz